Flexi-Grip Heat Shield - Silicone Pot Holder



Meet your new heat wrangler! Our Flexi-Grip Heat Shield - Silicone Pot Holder gives you the perfect grip every time, so you can handle hot dishes with confidence. Get a grip and say goodbye to scorched fingers!

Anti-slip: effectively increases friction, so that items placed on it will not slip. It can be used as a cup holder, spoon rest, or anywhere you need extra grip or heat.

High-temperature resistance: this material can tolerate temperatures up to 230 centigrade without quickly deforming

Washable and universal: easy to clean with soap water, cleaning brush, or simply put it in the dishwasher. Can be used as a cup lid, can grip opener, anti-skip mat, and more.

Diameter: 6.3 inches
Thickness : 0.18 inches


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