Glass Castles- Crystal Flower Glass Dip Pen Set



1. Great for decoration and collection. Pleasant writing experience
2. The ultra-smooth writing system provides an easy writing experience. It starts quickly without dragging, requires minimal stress, and provides clear, clean lines every time.
3. The body of the pen is made of crystal glass, and the decoration in the pen holder/ink bottle is complimentary.
4. Threaded nib for ink storage for a smooth writing experience
5. Easy to carry, hold and use.
6. Embedding floral patterns, elegant and refined.
7. Beautiful and exquisite handmade gifts for families, friends and business partners.
8. The pen tip of the pen is ideal for plugging in various ink colors or writing essays, signing or handwriting on a desk or calligraphy.

Craft: manual
Crafts material: borosilicate glass


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