Happy Muscles - 16 Mode TENS Neck Massager


Electrical outlet

Product information:

Experience deep muscle relaxation with Happy Muscles - the 16 Mode TENS Neck Massager! This clever device offers 16 pre-programmed massage modes to target areas of tension in your neck and shoulders for a truly revitalizing experience. Put the "happy" in your muscles with this convenient and easy-to-use neck massager!

Applicable parts: head, neck, waist, buttocks, legs, back, feet
Massage contacts: 4
Power supply mode: rechargeable
Color: 4 pieces of pearl white (1 pair of round stickers and 1 palm sticker), 8 pieces of pearl white (1 pair of round stickers, 2 palm stickers and 1 pair of square stickers)
Massage techniques: tapping, massage, acupressure, tapping, kneading
Neck massager x1      


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