House of Black & White Set of 2 Refillable Soap Bottles



This House of Black & White duo is here to save the day! Deck out your kitchen sink with the Set of 2 Soap Dispensers, perfect for keeping your hands soap and dishes detergent looking fly. Refillable bottles look great and won't leave you high and dry. Get your kitchen sink on point!

  • Glass Soap Dispenser :500 Ml Kitchen Soap Dispenser Is 21.5 Cm High And Has A Diameter Of 7 Cm
  • Avoids Frequent Refilling
  • The Premium Stainless Steel Cord Inside Provides A Strong Rebound Design, So The Pump Can Be Easily Pressed, And You Can Get A Perfect Amount Of Soap Without Much Pressure. 
  • The Easy-To-Squeeze Pump delivers a smooth stream of soap with each press of the dispenser pump 


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