Love Your Lenses -Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaning Machine w/ USB Charge




Keep your contact lenses fresh and clean with the Love Your Lenses Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaning Machine. With 3 settings and ultrasonic cleaning to eliminate any dirt or bacteria, you can be sure your lenses will be completely safe and sanitized. USB charging makes it easy to keep your machine powered up and ready for use.

99.99% Sterilization
While cleaning the contacts , wireless charging

1. Standard cleaning mode: It is recommended to use the standard cleaning mode to clean the lens every day. After cleaning, you need to rinse or soak in the care solution for a period of time before use.
2. Powerful cleaning mode: It is recommended to clean the lens once a week in a powerful cleaning mode. After cleaning in power mode, you will not be able to wear the lens directly. You must use the restore mode to clean it with a maintenance solution before you can use it. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable         


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