Mama on the Go Travel Backpack & Diaper Bag

$64.99 $78.88


Want to be the ultimate on-the-go mama? Our Mama on the Go backpack and diaper bag is all you need! With plenty of pockets for all your gear, you'll be unstoppable – perfect for those who just can't sit still! Leave no stone unturned with Mama on the Go!



1. Comprising a USB charge interface (power bank sold separately)

2. New design --- hang on the baby stroller (  with 2 hook belts 

 3. Large capacity

 4. 600D polyester waterproof fabric, breathable and durable 

5. Organize items in discrete compartments allowing for convenient, efficient loading.

 6. Milk bottle pocket with aluminum foil thermal insulation 

7. This backpack features a pocket with a waterproof liner, perfect for moisture-prone items.

 8.Two side pockets are conveniently included for holding items such as a tissue packet or water bottle.

9. Safety-enhancing back pockets

Product information:

Product Category: Diaper bag
Capacity: 20-35L
This Mama on the Go Travel Backpack & Diaper Bag features a square-shaped vertical section and is crafted from canvas fabric. The inner patch pocket is lined with polyester for durability and lasting use.





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