The Sultry Sasha - Resin Mannequin Display Stand



Product Information

Adorn your living space with the tall, seductive elegance of The Sultry Sasha - a striking resin mannequin stand that serves as a perfect pedestal for your stylish souvenirs. An ideal blend of sophistication and glamour, this meticulously crafted piece will be the envy of your guests.

Material: Synthetic resin
Process: Resin process
Category: Resin Crafts
Hanging form: ornaments

A) burgundy high heels,

(B) burgundy sofa,

(C) burgundy small model

D) burgundy beautiful legs

Product Size
Product size: large model 38*9*9cm/beautiful legs 32*7*7cm/ok hand 28*9*8cm/small fishtail skirt model 27.5*6*6cm/sofa 14*8*5cm/high heels 15*12 *5cm



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