Watch My Tail! - Rechargeable Bicycle Taillight



Product information:

Light up your night rides with Watch My Tail! - a rechargeable taillight for your bike that will make sure you're loud and proud on the road. With adjustable mounting options and 3 light modes, you'll sparkling like a firefly! Feel safe knowing that drivers can see you from the back and side. Time to turn heads!!

Battery; rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Brightness; 10 lumens
Use time: approximately 10-15 hours 

Battery capacity:
Highlight 5 hours battery life
Flash file 12 hours battery life
Warning file 32 hours battery life
10 hours battery life in low light
20 hours battery life in slow flash

Size Information:

Size; length 59.5 X height 28.5 X width 20mm


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